About RFG

The impossible we do right away.
Miracles take a little longer.


The primary goal of the film company RFG is developing Russian film industry competitive at world level and attraction of the western investments and experts for co-production..

The film company has been involved in large-scale projects (“Jacked”, “Velvet Revolution”), art-house films (“To Be or Not To Be”, “Nothing’s Ever Happened”, “The Last Quest”, “Snow Doesn’t Melt Forever…”) and animation projects (“Alien Pile”).

RFG collaborates with the best professionals of Russian film industry and also the international experts, legendary actors of the old Soviet school and young talents.

Among those involved in RFG’s projects are: directors Oleg Stepchenko, Victoria Markina and Archil Melikishvili, DOP Maria Solovieva (R.G.C.), DOP of the Oscar-winning film “Kolya” Vladimir Smutny, DOP Michael Mukasey, DOP Dmitry Maltsev, DOP Joplin Wu, music composer Anton Garcia, Yulia Zinovieva, Sammy Totah, actors Valeriy Zolotukhin, Vasily Livanov, Igor Kashintsev, Alexey Kravchenko, Anna Churina, Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Nina Ruslanova, Victoria Tolstoganova, Alexey Chadov, Alexander Semchev, Andrey Smolyakov, Michael Gorevoy, Igor Jijikine, Alexey Ogurtsov, Oleg Taktarov, Alexander Yakovlev, Michael Madsen and others.



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The RFG faces
Oleg Stepchenko

CEO&Founder, Film Director

Pavel Izotov


The Nika Award (2016)

the main annual Russian national film award the Nika. Irina Kupchenko took the award as Best Actress for the main role in «Teacher»

«The most profitable Russian film »

Blockbuster Awards 2014; for the most pro table Russian film «Viy 3D»

«Producer of the Year»

ХVIII Professional Award in the film industry Blockbuster Awards 2014 “Producer of the Year” - producer Alexey A. Petrukhin for the film «Viy» 3D