The Journey to India

Genre: fantasy, adventure
Tagline: ... on the cusp of immortality
Status: Preproduction
Production Co: Russia - China - India
Alexey A. Petrukhin
Oleg Stepchenko
Roman Kartushin
Alexey A. Petrukhin
Oleg Stepchenko
Ivan Gudkov
Production Designer:

Jonathan Green, a famous English Cartographer, is returning from China to his homeland, accompanied by Cossacks and new Chinese friends. The circumstances force him to make a stop in India. Jonathan hopes to get on a East India Company’s ship going to England. Jon- athan wants to bring his  rstborn son who hasn’t met yet a special present. For that Green takes on a job commissioned by a mysterious Indian tycoon. This new adventure brings new challenges and dangers upon him. Green loses his love, who turns into a zombie; now he is ready to do anything to get her back, even to revive the ancient demons... But what will all of this bring to the peace-loving people of India?
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