Not say goodbye

Genre: spy detective
Tagline: Everyone has a choice
Status: in the cinema from June 21, 2018
Production Co: studio «MOST», Russian Film Group Corp, «ChechenFilm» company
Alexey A. Petrukhin
Natalia Lebedeva
Victor Kulikov
Pavel Drozdov
Alexey A. Petrukhin
Pavel Drozdov
Kirill Speransky
Production Designer:
Pavel Shappo
Andrey Merzlikin
Egor Beroev
Anna Churina
Ksenia Petrukhina
Arthur Vakha
Alyona Chekhova
Andrey Smolyakov
Alexander Robak
Yuriy Kuznetsov
Anna Peskova
Elena Zakharova
Sergey Gorobchenko
Anatoly Guschin
Dagun Omaev
Dmitry Gusev
Rodion Dolgirev
Andrey Chadov
Ksenia Alferova
Ivan Kotik
1941. October. There are thousands of German troops advancing on Kalinin (now Tver), to open a direct route to Moscow. There are only two thousand people defending the city. No tanks. No artillery. Their only hope to hold o  the enemy – is the  fth Infantry Division, that is about to go through the Kalinin station. But there are spies out there doing every- thing to prevent this from happening. Major Pavel Tokarev, Head of the Kalinin garrison, is struggling to maintain order in the city. And he himself falls under suspicion of being involved in spy activity.
Interesting Facts
  • Fact № 1

    The film was shot in Tver with the involvement of 500 locals in mass scenes.

  • Fact № 2

    During the work on the film, significant historical research was held, creators communicated with real witnesses of events. The archives, recently declassified, were studied along with front line letters and historical books.

  • Fact № 3

    The film crew worked at -30C.

  • Fact № 4

    During the shooting of the church scene, one parishioner mistook an actor Yuri Kuznetsov for a real priest and asked to bless her.

  • Fact № 5

    Creators of the film are also planning a comic series about Major Sysoev.

  • Fact № 6

    The Tver Bridge in film is a real bridge that was involved in military activities in 1941. First in the history, the city authorities permitted to film on the bridge.

  • Fact № 7

    Actor Arthur Vakha in the film has the same military rank as his grandfather in 1941.

  • Fact № 8

    Cameraman used in his work two models of self-balancing boards – one with winter rubber for outdoor shootings, and more compact model for indoor shooting.

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